At 399 we let you order from food from surrounding restaurants at take away prices, they even deliver to the bar for you. You can use food delivery apps like “Uber Eats” & “Deliveroo” to access over 100 local food venues.

Or you can go direct to our neighbours featured below. We also have great in house tapas & small eats.



Just order (phone, website or in person) from Dough across the road they will deliver them straight from the oven to your booth, seat or the courtyard…Delivery to the bar after 5pm. Press on link for menu.




Fancy experiencing some Vietnamese cuisine instead just order from our next door neighbours and they will deliver to you in the bar also. Press on link for menu.


 Moon Cafe 399 Delivery Menu


399 Tapas

Try our in-house seasonal tapas menu a bargain at $10 each or 3 for $25.

Our tapas blackboard displays an ever changing array of 399 favourites such as…



  • Pan Fried Chorizo with lime




  • Olives marinated in house – With chilli, orange peel , capsicum, lemon, thyme, whole peppercorns 



  • Turkish Bread with Beetroot Relish